Encouragement Project

We were able to deliver 10 baskets of snacks to the Hospital, Cancer Institute and Oconee Pediatrics this week!!! Thank you to all who gave, the brave souls who were willing to get in front of a camera and record encouraging videos, those who bought snacks, helped prepare and arrange the snacks in the baskets, and delivered the snacks!!! Thanks for all the work y’all each did to make this possible!

We are currently working on preparing an encouragement basket deliver to our local police departments. If you would like to record a short video for our police officers, we will be doing that after the service this morning, Wednesday night, and next Sunday.

Have some ideas of other ways to encourage different groups / individuals / those within our congregation? Please text your ideas or call Jeana at 864-985-2747 or email them to jeana@mypleasantridge.com

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